2 Day Workshop for advanced shiatsu students and professionals:

One challenge we face in our practice is very much a practical one. We must be able to apply our theoretical knowledge to very specific situations. What is your diagnosis and how do you reach it? What is the appropriate treatment? How do we begin our treatments and why? How are our clients responding?

"Don't do anything, just be there," is a wonderful principle, but our partners may be thinking, "Don't just be there, do something." They come to us with specific problems and ailments: "It hurts right there - please help me." We need to be able to respond to these situations directly and effectively. In this seminar we will refine our ability to deal with structural and movement-related imbalances, learn how to problem solve and develop our common sense. Come prepared to have fun and experiment with new ideas.


During this workshop you will learn how to: 

Understand movement and posture as diagnostic information

Enhance visual diagnostic skills

Use stretching and rotations to diagnose as well as treat

See relationships between structural and energetic imbalances

Address specific structural injuries

Be more confident and effective in your practice