Strala Online 100+Hour Training: Connect and Heal with Shiatsu

Get ready to learn the principles and practices of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Traditional Japanese Medicine, to create healing through positive connection with yourself and others.

We’re all healers, constantly moving through health and illness, losing and finding balance in each moment of our lives. How we feel and act inspires and influences everyone around us.

Whether practicing with family and friends, leading people through movement and everyday life, or in your profession as a bodyworker or therapist, this course gives you the ability to connect with other people naturally and powerfully.

You’ll learn shiatsu techniques, ways of moving, connecting, sensing, seeing and hearing yourself and your partner. You’ll practice how to crawl and breathe, how to contact specific areas, meridians and points, communication, diagnosis, and how to choose focus in a shiatsu session. You’ll also discover that you benefit in this process as much as the person you’re treating. Each time you practice will be a healing meditation for both of you.

With more than 50 instructional and practice sessions, plus a comprehensive Guidebook to lead you successfully through this course and create the right ground for ongoing progress, we’ve designed this training to give you the experience of being here, together and sharing directly in this process.

You’ll work through instruction and practice in a wide variety of topics outlined below, and we’ll share with you the common challenges, questions, and solutions that always come up in our in-person trainings. We'll also give you loads of daily practical guidance, to create a structure for inspiring progress.