about me

I'm a shiatsu teacher and practitioner living in NYC. While studying Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, Becoming curious about the practical aspect of what I was researching academically I began to study yoga and meditation. After moving to New York I continued to practice and teach yoga, focusing on the relationship between the practice of yoga and traditional Asian healing arts, studying Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, martial arts, and shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki and Wataru Ohashi. Learning about touch, movement, healing, and the relationship between them fascinated me and I dove deeply into it, seeking out teachers wherever I could find them.

I began my shiatsu practice and started teaching at the Ohashi Institute in 1987, continued to teach students, train teachers, and develop the curriculum, and have since taught in NYC, Omega Institute, and throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. It's always rewarding for me to help other people develop self awareness and the ability to heal themselves (because it gives me the opportunity to do the same.)

I also teach enhancement workshops and seminars based on my study of yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Gestalt therapy, Zen Shiatsu, TCM, and martial arts. I am currently excited to be working with Strala yoga founders Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor to further develop their teacher training program.

In my free time you'll find me hiking, traveling, building computers, renovating an apartment, cooking, and still trying to learn to play Bach.