A shiatsu session is one (or one and a half) hours and takes place on a soft, padded, floor level surface such as a futon or exercise mat, No creams or oils are used. Bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing that covers your legs, such as sweatpants and T-shirt, and clean socks.

Please do not wear scented body products or perfume. Avoid eating a large meal shortly beforehand and be prepared to silence your phone.

My office is located at 123 West 11th Street, NYC.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments scheduled must be cancelled or rescheduled with 48-hours notice to avoid being charged 50% of the session cost.

Sessions that are "no show" with no notice of cancellation are charged the full amount of the session.

There is some flexibility in this policy for emergency situations but please remember that a scheduled appointment is time reserved especially for you. If you cancel at the last minute the reserved spot can not usually be rescheduled.