300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training : NYC, 15 July - 4 August 2017


Curriculum Details: What happens in a 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training?

Week 1: Movement.  How you are in your body, how you move through your life.

The first week focuses entirely on how we move, using the vocabularies of movement found in yoga, tai chi, and across our whole life. We'll learn to identify and release stress and tension from our bodies and minds, unblock our energy, and return to what's natural in each of us, in every situation.  We create a structure and practice that leads to breakthrough progress, in our way of being with our selves, and our way of moving through everything we do. 

Week 2: Leadership.  How you move, uplift, and inspire the people around you.

The second week focuses entirely on effective and inspiring leadership.  We learn to create a way of being and moving, language and environment, that uplifts everyone around us to achieve progress in their own lives.  Of course this applies to leading in yoga, as well as every environment we touch.

Week 3: Healing.  How to form a relationship with yourself and others, that elicits a wonderfully effective healing response.

The third week focuses wholly on diagnosis, self-care, and healing.  When we progress strongly with how we are, and how we move through and lead our own lives, there's a prize: we become really effective at what we choose to do.  And one of the greatest prizes we can share, with ourselves and others, is the ability to heal - both what's inside us, as well as all kinds of physical ailments that come from stress and injury.